Immersive Experiential offers a wide variety of venues for any permanent or temporary installation.  Depending on the size and application, we will spec out the right fit for you. Click on any of the below links to find out more

Geodesic Immersive Projection Domes

Geodesic Domes are transformed into immersive environments and experiential branding venues. We offer a range of sizes from 20' diameter up to 80' diameter. These domes feature an internal "negative pressure" projection screen that allows for seamless interior immersive projection. Click to learn more.

Inflatable Projection Domes

Large inflatable immersive projection domes are used beyond an 80' diameter. These are the largest projection surfaces in the world and Immersive Experiential currently has the largest projection dome in existence. The colossal 200' projection dome which fits over 5,000 people. Click to learn more.

Trade show and Exhibit Domes

Small event domes domes pack a punch in a small space.  We provide them in half-domes, full 360 immersive domes, and panoramic cylinders.  Click to learn more.