Projection Spheres

The Projection Spheres are compelling 360° spherical displays for the high-impact display of digital content. This unique platform provides new possibilities in the presentation of content by engaging an audience in ways never before possible with ordinary flat billboard advertising. Their unique field of view creates a compelling and visually stunning presentation of media to educate and entertain an audience. The Projection Spheres are equally adept at handling corporate branding, digital signage and existing promotional or educational content, as well as any custom event-specific or themed content.


System features include – Portable: Unit can be easily transported and set up within 30 minutes
– Versatile: Can stand upright, be wall-mounted or inverted and suspended, maximizing its usability in a variety of environments
– User-Friendly: Simple to install and operate
– Compatible: Can be used with a wide range of media players

More Immersive Experiential Options:

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