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Multi-Touch Displays

Multiple persons can use these new Multitouch LCD screens at the same time. The software tracks every user’s hands instead of points of contact only. Picture quality is high on LCD. Its life-span is long and the display needs hardly any maintenance. You can connect these Multitouch LCD displays to each other and create a single large display array showing content split to different units. – Units can be combined into one large display array – Stackable and movable – […]

3D & Holographic Displays

3D Autostereo Displays Bring your content alive with the 3D Autostereo Displays. Their astonishing ‘real’ 3D effect immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and are ideal if you want to make an unforgettable first impression – the perfect choice for Point-of-Sale, Out-of-Home, Digital Signage Networks, Trade Shows & Events and much more. 3D Autostereo Displays are modified industrial grade LCD flat panel displays ranging from 22″ – 65″ that are enabled to display crystal clear, high-definition 3D video content […]

Dome Programming & Immersive Dome Experiences

Immersive Experiential specializes in delivering world class immersive dome programming for all of our dome venue installations. We can provide our clients with custom fulldome programming or can offer a library of fulldome shows that are available for license. We also co-produces a number of dome shows that we prototype at our fulldome theater, dome studio, and immersive events venue. An area of focus for our dome programming is developing live shows in domes that feature live performances in domes […]