Digital Theming

Immersive Experiential offers architectural and environmental digital theming based on spatial augmented reality technology allowing the creation of unique, interactive, digitally reconfigurable spaces. Digitally themed entertainment and event experiences can radically change on a periodic (even nightly) basis, and can react to gestures, touch and commands from other devices such as multi-touch displays or VJ controls. Virtually all surfaces (walls, columns, tables, bars and specialty projection surfaces) can be digitally themed using digital projections or emissive displays to immerse visitors with interactive textures and imagery, activating their imagination and exciting their senses.

Using a combination of Tension Fabric Architecture, pop-up technologies, and digital lighting, VIM can quickly transform the look of any convention center, conference room, hall, or architectural space into an amazingly unique realm for your corporate event, tradeshow, concert, or festival. Large moving fabric displays, stage sets, projection screens, and dynamic entry ways amplify your brand, express your message and create a sense-of-presence in a virtual environment of your choosing. Let us create a full scale, spectacular environment that injects high energy excitement into your event or attraction.

More Immersive Experiential Experiences Options:

Projection Mapping

Immersive Dome Programming

3D + Holographic Displays

Projection Spheres

LED Video

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