Exhibit & Small Event Domes

The Immersive Exhibits and Small Event Domes are highly versatile and are ideal for applications such as immersive experiential exhibits, experiential marketing campaigns, small group or individual visualization, immersive gaming, immersive cinema and many others.

They are inflatable domes but smaller than the larger translucent inflatable Immersive Mobile Domes and are ideal for indoor or limited outdoor use. Made with our standard of top quality engineering, these domes are durable and meet top international safety standards.

These domes and display systems are highly engineered and feature digital fulldome projection systems, media servers, access to libraries of top fulldome content, real time interactive software, visualization software and dome VJ software. The systems are customized to meet project and user requirements from the exterior branding to color scheme and technical specs.

There are 3 categories of the Exhibit and Small Event Domes:
Fulldome Projection Venue
Halfdome Visualization Portal
Panoramic Visualization Portal