Projection Mapping for Torlys Trade Show Booth

The Experience

Xibita worked with Immersive to create an eye-catching trade show booth for Torlys flooring at the Surfaces trade show in Las Vegas, NV.  A custom built shape was utilized as their center piece that IMRSV-X projection mapped.  Immersive also was contracted to video, photograph, and live-capture the demos direct to the custom projection-mapped shape.

Trade Show Projection Mapping


The System

For this project IMRSV-X used eight 12K lumen epson projectors to provide enough brightness to cut through the ambient show floor lighting as well as provide a crisp and seamless picture.

Projection Mapping Custom Shape

The Content

The content was developed by Torlys to play on loop.  This was the only project at the trade show which was not a static image or printed material. IMRSV-X also live-fed the demos from the booth to the projection mapped custom shape.

For more information on projection mapping click here

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