Interactive Experiences

Gesture Interactive SurfacesInteractive Experiences
Interactive Experiences

Gesture Interactive Surfaces

We provide a variety of gesture interactive displays including; gesture interactive floors, gesture interactive walls, interactive bars, and gesture interactive screen displays.

Multi-Touch DisplaysInteractive Experiences
Interactive Experiences

Multi-Touch Displays

We offer a variety of multitouch display solutions including; Multitouch LCDs, Multitouch LCD Video Walls, Multitouch Tables, and Custom Multitouch Displays.

3D Camera User Interface SolutionsInteractive Experiences
Interactive Experiences

3D Camera User Interface Solutions

We can deliver custom 3D Camera solutions including; Custom Kinect Camera Applications, 3D Camera Arrays, Robust Motion Capture Systems, and Custom User Interface Design & Programming.

Interactive Experiences

Tablet & Smart Phone Device Interactive Displays

We offer customizable tablet, smart phone, and other device integration into video displays allowing a high degree of customization for the user and ease of integration with existing devices.