Interactive Surfaces for Events

Gesture Interactive Displays

Gesture interactive displays have exploded onto the scene with Kinect and other gesture-based systems. We brings these devices to life with custom programming that seamlessly integrates the devices into an overall entertainment experience or corporate display. Allow users to interact with your product or brand on these unique, compelling displays in your storefront, showroom kiosk or tradeshow booth. Or integrate a gesture-based display into your theme park, nightclub or other destination attraction. We are working with the world’s leading providers […]

Immersive Mobile Geodesic Dome Size Options

Geodesic Projection Dome Venues: IMRSV-X offers a range of Geodesic projection dome venues from 36′ diameter up to 120′ diameter. These domes feature an internal “negative pressure” projection screen that allows for seamless interior immersive projection. The geodesic dome structures are slightly less mobile than the inflatable dome variety in that they take a bit longer to install but are more adaptable for longer term installations. The larger 120′ dome has over 11,000 square feet of interior floor space and […]

Largest Inflatable 360 Projection Dome by Immersive Experiential

Immersive Mobile Inflatable Dome Size Options

The Largest 360 Projection Dome Theaters Immersive Experiential is the purveyor of the largest inflatable domes in the world.  Our 200′ inflatable projection dome is the largest 360 immersive projection dome and can fit over 5,000 people. Inflatable Projection Dome Venues: The inflatable dome structure is available in a durable, fire-rated translucent material which allows for seamless full 360 projections to be viewed from both the inside and outside. The dome venues can immerse hundreds to thousands of people in […]

LED Video

LED Video: Staging & Events The LED Video Mesh product portfolio delivers video content using flexible and modular LED mesh systems. The LED Mesh provides full-motion video, graphics, and messaging for large scale venues for both exterior and interior applications. The slim, flexible, modularly expandable panel design uses proven LED technology. The panels are available in low, medium, and high resolution models with pixel pitch from 50-100 millimeters. Each LED node provides over 16 million colors using market-leading Phillips Color […]

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